Silk Thangkas          Devotional Textile Art          Thangka Brocade Mounting
Art becomes sacred when it resonates with that
which is sacred within each human being—
the clear, joyous vibrancy of divine inspiration.
Then, art is not only beautiful, but transmits an elusive quality
that gives rise to a contact with one’s own spiritual heart.

At its highest, in beholding sacred art the viewer’s heart is touched,
a breath is taken, and the heart opens to experience itself anew.
A practitioner can go into their place of worship or open their prayer book, and they are moved by the touch of the art to begin their devotional practice with wonder. It is this feeling of wonderment and devotion that Monica O’Neal endeavors to convey and inspire in the art she creates.

The areas in which Monica specializes are appliqué and embroidered
silk thangkas in the Tibetan Buddhist  tradition, devotional textile art,
textile mounting, and custom thangka brocade mountings.